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Work with a Specialist

Our Boutique Online Speech Language Pathologists are Master's Level Professionals, with an average of 8 years clinical experience, and specialize in treating the following areas:
Kid's Lisp and Speech Sound Errors
Having Trouble Understanding Your Kid? Speech Sound errors that are distractible to the listener can be treated with Speech Therapy. A common example of a speech sound error is a Lisp. Intelligibility is the measure of how easily understood the child is to listeners. Often, these errors are not corrected in school if there is no impact on the child's education. It's up to the parents to find private services in most situations. According to the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA), children with speech difficulties are more likely to be targets of bullying. Our program also focuses on improving the child's communicative confidence while correcting errored speech.
Adult Lisp and Speech Sound Errors

Often, uncorrected articulation errors in childhood persist into adulthood. Speech Therapy for Adults aims to  correct errored motor patterns and to replace distorted sounds with corrected sound over time. A common example of an articulation error is a Lisp, or a "soft R". This program also focuses on improving the speaker's communicative confidence while correcting errored speech. Adults commonly feel negatively about their Lisp and report decreased communicative confidence if they have persistent sound errors in this dissertation 
Accent Modification

Accent Modification is a specialized, voluntarily sought service aimed at supporting speakers of all cultural and societal backgrounds achieve confidence in their pronunciation of spoken English. 

English is one of the most difficult languages to learn, read, and speak.  Accent Modification can also help native English speakers, as dialectal accents can be very pronounced, especially in New York, or in the South. Former successful clients include physicians, professors, college students, and real estate agents. This service is useful for professionals, students, entrepreneurs, actors, theatre majors, news anchors, meteorologists and more!

Early Language Parent Training


Sometimes it's more than just being a "late talker". This program combines Early Language Intervention with parental education, support and empowerment. Early Intervention Parent Training via Telehealth is proven to improve outcomes for children who are not meeting speech and language milestones.  This parent training course is a 1 on 1 session with the speech therapist, aimed at education and support for the parent of children ages 1-3 with varying degrees of involvement opportunities for the child as they get older.  The SLP educates parents on developmental milestones, and teaches therapeutic techniques they can apply to everyday communication opportunities; while providing a safe space for counseling and support for new (and not-so new) parents. Parents report an ability to become more engaged with their child's speech and language development than in traditional early intervention therapy models. 

Expressive Aphasia

Aphasia is the loss of speech and language after a stroke. There are over 2 million Americans with Aphasia resulting most commonly from Strokes. Some 25-40% of stroke survivors will experience acquired difficulty with speech, word finding, and difficulty maintaining conversations. This can lead to depression and social withdrawal. Our program emphasizes that Aphasia does not affect intelligence, and provides strategies for wordfinding and language expansion. We treat expressive aphasia only via telepractice at this time. Be sure to let us know if you are a Medicare Beneficiary. 

Expressive/Receptive Language

Expressive Language is the ability to use language to convey thoughts, wants, and needs in a coherent and effective manner, such as: using complete, grammatically correct sentences, holding conversations, and expressing the speaker's message clearly.

Receptive Language is the ability to understand and interpret language, such as: responding to questions appropriately, following directions, understanding figurative language. Expressive/Receptive Language difficulties can negatively impact students in the classroom, and can be very frustrating for both child and parent. SpeechDirect's Speech Therapy for Kids can help support your student with their IEP goals!

Professional Writing & College Essays

Persuasive writing is a skill that SLPs both teach and utilize on a daily basis. Navigating college readiness can be tricky, and a good essay can make or break a prospective student's chance of admission to their dream school. Work with our writing expert specializing in both language and writing persuasive essays; who has personal experience in excelling (over 92%tile) at written portions of the SAT, College Essays, GRE, and Praxis Examinations for professional credentialing. Our Writing Specialist is a speech language pathologist experienced in writing seminar presentations for professional audiences at the American Speech Language Hearing Association. All levels of essay preparation, proofreading, language analysis and skill building are offered.

Social Seniors Wellness Program: Cognitive Stimulation & Memory Enhancement

Aging can be lonely. This program was inspired by former clients who commented: "Golden Years? What's so golden about them? All my friends are gone, I have no one to talk to and nothing to do". Without cognitive stimulation, loved ones can deteriorate rapidly. Depression is very common in Seniors, and can negatively impact quality of life in one's "Golden Years". Our 'Social Seniors' Wellness Program is aimed at providing socialization and cognitive stimulation, along with memory enhancement exercises (if applicable) for lonely seniors ages 65+. This is a wellness program, aimed at stimulation, enhancement, and socialization rather than traditional therapy.

Professional and Public Speaking

Few know that a Speech-Language Pathologist is the perfect professional to see for improving public and professional speaking! Research estimates that about 70% of people have some anxiety regarding public speaking. Our program can help you gain confidence and learn strategies to enhance your speech. These services are helpful for anyone who has to give a big presentation, interview for jobs, or improve your professional communication for the workplace.

Reading Readiness Program

Speech-Language Pathologists have a unique skillset to target early reading, phonological awareness, letter-sound relationships, and literacy. Certain disorders such as a Phonological Disorder can put your child at risk for having difficulty decoding words, reading words, and establishing the correct letter-sound relationship that makes a strong reader.  The SLP is uniquely qualified to help children understand the sounds that go with each letter, and how to put them all together to create words! 

Speech Pathology Tutoring for SLP-2-Be's

Struggling to understand course content? Speech & Language programs are notoriously difficult and challenging. Graduate schools often have admission criteria based on GPA. Course review and tutoring available for: Anatomy & Physiology, Neuroanatomy, Articulation Disorders, Phonology, Dysphagia, Speech and Language Disorders of Neurologic origin, Test prep for Comprehensive Examinations and Praxis Examination.

Consulting Services and More

Speech-Language Pathologists have a wide range of skill and therapeutic expertise. Your SLP will assess your needs via a free initial consultation/screening and make therapeutic recommendations. SpeechDirect will refer you to another speech therapist if we cannot meet your needs. Additional consulting appointments are available by request; this is useful for other SLP's/related service professionals in need of consultations and advice.