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Play Kits for Early Language

All my years of education and working with Late Talkers in Early Intervention Speech Therapy taught me one thing.

Play is the work of Childhood.

Playing with your baby consistently and correctly is the way to improve language acquisition and get those kids talking! Especially a child who is a late talker. Through my practice, Speech Direct, I have taught parents how to get their child communicating more consistently with play-based strategies.

Great, but how do I play with my kid?

Play is fun and relaxing for adults too. Everyone can use a little relaxation nowadays. You can always use any toys you have at home, but for a simple solution to the question check out Lovevery play kits. They are montessori based, and scaled to the corresponding developmental play scale for your child's age. These boxes are awesome, and approved by early language professionals. Check out their boxes at Lovevery !


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