Speech Therapy for
Professional Communication & 
Public Speaking 

Image by Christina @ wocintechchat.com
Image by Christina @ wocintechchat.com

Speech Therapy for Professional Communication & Public Speaking

Professional and Public Speaking

Few know that a Speech-Language Pathologist is the perfect professional to see for improving public and professional speaking. Anyone can have difficulty speaking when feeling the pressure from management to "command the room" during business meetings, or that feeling of nervousness when your boss asks to speak to you. When giving a big presentation, it is very common for workers to feel panicked, stumble over their words, speak too quickly, and portray themselves as less confident than they should be. Did you know that companies can legally fire you if your communication skills are lacking? With that in mind, its no surprise; Research estimates that about 70% of people have some anxiety regarding professional/public speaking. As more Women and POC break the glass ceilings that have historically excluded them in the professional space, we aim to empower you with strong professional communication and public speaking skills. We also can incorporate our Accent Modification program if you have received feedback about a distracting accent. 


Our program can help you gain confidence and learn strategies to enhance the flow of your speech. These services are helpful for anyone who wants to: give presentations, interview for jobs, land that big promotion, close more deals, or improve your professional communication for the workplace.

Stress-Free Online Speech Therapy, Direct-To-You, with Speech Direct


How it Works

1. Set up your FREE CONSULTATION with an SLP. We'll listen to your concerns and ensure Speech Direct is a good fit for you before proceeding.

2. Get matched with an experienced Speech Therapist, specializing in your area of need. 

3. Schedule an Evaluation- Meet your Speech Therapist virtually via our HIPAA Compliant, Secure Telehealth Platform and set up your Custom Treatment Plan.

4. Meet with your Speech Therapist via our HIPPA Compliant, Secure Online Telehealth platform for weekly speech therapy sessions.

5. Experience Stress-Free Speech Therapy and Achieve your Potential!