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Speech Therapy for
Accent Modification

Speech therapy accent reduction accent modification speech direct
Speech therapy accent reduction accent modification speech direct

Speech Therapy for Accent Modification and English 

Accent Modification

 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 15% of the American workforce is foreign born, meaning that 23.9 million individuals legally employed in the U.S. may speak English with what is considered as a “foreign accent” by native American-English speakers. Did you know that your employer could require proficiency in English? If your natural accent interferes with that, it could cost you your job. The EEOC forbids discrimination in all aspects of employment, including hiring and firing; however, an employer can require an employee to speak fluent English if fluency in English is necessary to perform the job effectively. This can result in negative job performance and outcomes no matter how skilled you are.

Accent Modification, or Accent Reduction, is a specialized, voluntarily sought service aimed at supporting speakers of all cultural and societal backgrounds achieve confidence in their pronunciation of spoken English.


English is one of the most difficult languages to learn, read, and speak.  Accent Modification can also help native English speakers, as dialectal accents can be very pronounced, especially in New York, or in the South. Former successful clients include physicians, professors, college students, and real estate agents. This service is useful for professionals, students, entrepreneurs, actors, theatre majors, news anchors, meteorologists and anyone who wants to improve their accuracy in English. Let us help you achieve your career goals with confidence in spoken English.

Stress-Free Online Speech Therapy, Direct-To-You with Speech Direct 


How it Works

1. Set up your FREE CONSULTATION with an SLP. We'll listen to your concerns and ensure Speech Direct is a good fit for you before proceeding.

2. Get matched with an experienced Speech Therapist, specializing in your area of need. 

3. Schedule an Evaluation- Meet your Speech Therapist virtually via our HIPAA Compliant, Secure Telehealth Platform and set up your Custom Treatment Plan.

4. Meet with your Speech Therapist via our HIPPA Compliant, Secure Online Telehealth platform for weekly speech therapy sessions.

5. Experience Stress-Free Speech Therapy and Achieve your Potential! 

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