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Speech Therapy for
Reading Readiness and Literacy

Image by Ismail Salad Osman Hajji dirir
Image by Josh Applegate

Speech Therapy for Reading Readiness & Literacy

Reading Readiness/Literacy

Speech Language Pathologists are trained in related speech and language components that are used for reading such as: decoding, fluency, reading comprehension, syllable structure, letter sound awareness and sound production. Your SLP will provide the following reading readiness level assessment to determine your child's reading abilities and treat accordingly. 

Phonemic Awareness Inventory 

Level 1

  • Whole Word Discrimination –  hearing if two words are the same or different.

  • Rhyming Words- Recognition –  identifying if two words rhyme.

  • Rhyming Word- Application – Rhyming Words independently.

  • Syllable Counting – Determining how many syllables in a word.

Level 2

  • Syllable Segmentation – Breaking the Word down into Syllables.

  • Oral Synthesis- Blending Speech Sounds.

Level 3

  • Approximation – identifying is they hear sounds at the beginning, middle or end of the word.

  • Phonemic Isolation – discerning which phoneme they hear at the beginning, middle or end of words.

Level 4

  • Segmentation – separating the word into sounds.

Level 5

  • Phonemic Deletion – Saying the word by leaving off the beginning or end sound.

  • Phonemic Substitution – Replacing the first sound in the word with a given sound and identifying what the new word is.

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