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Speech Therapy for 
Aphasia following Brain Injury

Speech Therapy for Aphasia Speech Direct
speech therapy for aphasia online

Speech Therapy for Aphasia

Expressive/Receptive Aphasia

Accoring to the Mayo Clinic "Aphasia is a condition that affects one's ability to communicate. It can affect your ability to speak, write and understand language, both verbal and written. Aphasia typically occurs suddenly after a stroke or a head injury. But it can also come on gradually from a slow-growing brain tumor or a disease that causes progressive, permanent damage (degenerative). The severity of aphasia depends on a number of conditions, including the cause and the extent of the brain damage. Once the cause has been addressed, the main treatment for aphasia is speech and language therapy. The person with aphasia relearns and practices language skills and learns to use other ways to communicate. Family members often participate in the process, helping the person communicate."

Simply Speaking, Aphasia is the loss of speech and language after a stroke. There are over 2 million Americans with Aphasia. Some 25-40% of stroke survivors will experience acquired difficulty with speech, word finding, and difficulty maintaining conversations. This can lead to depression and social withdrawal. Our program emphasizes that Aphasia does not affect intelligence, and provides strategies for wordfinding and language expansion. Be sure to let us know if you are a Medicare Beneficiary. 

Stress-Free Online Speech Therapy, Direct-To-You with Speech Direct 


How it Works

1. Set up your FREE CONSULTATION with an SLP. We'll listen to your concerns and ensure Speech Direct is a good fit for you before proceeding.

2. Get matched with an experienced Speech Therapist, specializing in your area of need. 

3. Schedule an Evaluation- Meet your Speech Therapist virtually via our HIPAA Compliant, Secure Telehealth Platform and set up your Custom Treatment Plan.

4. Meet with your Speech Therapist via our HIPPA Compliant, Secure Online Telehealth platform for weekly speech therapy sessions.

5. Experience Stress-Free Speech Therapy and Achieve your Potential! 

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