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we're speech therapists.
we're here to help.

curious about wordwise speech direct therapy mission?

we're glad you are!

wordwise was started in an effort to help bridge the accessibility gap- that results in

millions of children being unable to access speech therapy services.

waitlists are long. therapy is expensive.

disadvantaged communities do not have the same opportunities.

we have identified some problematic facts:

nearly 8% of children ages 3-17 have a communication disorder. 

yet, only 55% of those children received speech therapy in the last year.

 white children were more likely to get speech therapy (60%)

than black children (45%) and hispanic children (47%).

however, the frequency of communication disorders is higher in non-white children.

the inequity is glaring. 

we are here to help change that. 

wordwise speech direct offers a unique approach to speech therapy. 

we care about affordability.
we care about ease of access.
we care about how difficult it is to arrange childcare.
we care about lost wages for parents.
we care about health and safety.
we care about addressing inequity.

our virtual speech therapy is the ideal treatment method for families

that value convenience, health and safety, and reducing costs for private pay speech therapy.

virtual speech therapy is proven effective by numerous research articles (read more)

our therapists have an average of 4 years specializing in virtual service delivery. 

our mission includes expanding access to speech therapy and reducing costs for families. we achieve this by prioritizing an online speech therapy practice. although limited in person visits are available, the cost, time, and convenience of virtual speech therapy cannot be beat. 

we offer limited in person sessions on a case-by-case basis at our clinic on long island.

most of our sessions are virtual via zoom. see our frequently asked questions.


research matters here

American Journal of Speech Language Pathology 

"These results suggest comparable treatment outcomes between traditional service delivery and telepractice for treatment of children"

International Journal of Telerehabilitation

"Students in the telehealth group made significant improvement in speech sound production as measured by change in scores on the Goldman Fristoe Test of Articulation-2"

American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology

"The results indicate that parent-implemented language interventions have a significant, positive impact on receptive and expressive language skills of children"

Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare

"Reports indicated that children made similar progress whichever treatment method was used ... Satisfaction surveys indicated that the students and parents overwhelmingly supported the telemedicine service delivery model."

research articles

the wordwise approach

wordwise speech direct therapy uses a therapeutic approach backed by extensive research, and evidence based practice. our speech therapy expertise combined with a client centered therapy plan gives us an industry leading edge. wordwise speech direct clients are happy, graduate when they are comfortable, and maintain their progress years later.


by establishing ourselves as a private pay practice, we are able to customize a specific therapy plan that is right for you. there are no denials, referrals, waiting periods, or limitations to your speech therapy.

wordwise is always on your side




we don't stop at 102 either! although we specialize in pediatric speech therapy, we can help our seniors with their communication too! our oldest client was a cheeky 104 years old. we treat our centenarians with the same love and care as our littlest babies. years of experience in geriatric homecare has resulted in wonderful memories, friendships, and an appreciation for our veterans. 



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