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Speech Therapy for Lisp & Articulation Errors

Kid's Lisp and Speech Sound Errors

 Having Trouble Understanding Your Kid? Speech Sound errors that are distractible to the listener can be treated with Speech Therapy. A common example of a speech sound error is a Lisp. Intelligibility is the measure of how easily understood the child is to listeners. Often, these errors are not corrected in school if there is no impact on the child's education. It's up to the parents to find private services in most situations. According to the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA), children with speech difficulties are more likely to be targets of bullying. Our program also focuses on improving the child's communicative confidence while correcting errored speech. Sometimes, what parents think is a simple lisp or set of articulation errors can actually be a Phonological Disorder. This requires differential evaluation by the speech therapist, and a different treatment method.

Adult Lisp and Speech Sound Errors

Often, uncorrected articulation errors in childhood persist into adulthood. Speech Therapy for Adults aims to  correct errored motor patterns and to replace distorted sounds with corrected sound over time. A common example of an articulation error is a Lisp, or a "soft R". This program also focuses on improving the speaker's communicative confidence while correcting errored speech. Adults commonly feel negatively about their Lisp and report decreased communicative confidence if they have persistent sound errors in this dissertation 

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