Our Mission




We're Speech Direct Therapy Solutions and we're here to make your life easier. I'm Jamie - Clinical Director/Founder of Speech Direct Therapy Solutions and certified Speech Language Pathologist. I have 8 years of varied clinical experience, and have helped thousands of clients since receiving my Master of Arts in Speech Pathology from Long Island University in New York. I've worked in schools, nursing homes, outpatient rehab, home health, and early intervention in various clinical roles throughout the years. This allowed me to gain experience treating a wide variety of needs. The one thing I saw as a common theme was how difficult it was for people to access quality care-- From Stressed-Out Moms juggling a van full of kids, to Stroke Survivors with mobility limitations struggling to maneuver in tight quarters-- traditional speech therapy just doesn't work for everyone. That's when I decided to start something new, an easier way to get quality speech therapy to those who need it. Ultimately, I designed this practice to offer an easier, more convenient way to access speech therapy. 

At Speech Direct Therapy Solutions we understand that some folks experience inequitable societal barriers to quality care. Our services are inclusive and welcoming by design, aiming to break down those barriers so many face. With virtual services, you won't have to worry about transportation, arranging childcare, or wasting hours in a waiting room. Just show up who you are, as you are, where you are, and we'll take care of the rest. We are currently expanding along the East Coast, and now service three states! We offer Limited In Person Speech Therapy in New York, Virtual Speech Therapy in New York, Online Speech Therapy in Florida, and Remote Speech Therapy in Virginia.

Speech Direct's unique therapy approach is reflective of our ultimate commitment to client satisfaction, and simplifying an otherwise complicated problem- accessing specialized speech and language services. Services are centered around a full customization to your specific needs, with the fundamental goals of reducing communicative stress, and increasing communicative confidence.  

Speech Direct is proud to be 100% Woman-Owned and Operated. I make it my personal mission to uplift women and minority-owned businesses. I created this space to be openly accepting of everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or national origin. There is enough room for all of us at the table. Have a seat, and let's begin!

At Speech Direct, we prioritize learning through fun, evidence-based, and supportive 1 on 1 speech therapy sessions that address your specific needs from a holistic care paradigm.

Stress-Free Online Speech Therapy, Direct-To-You, with Speech Direct


How it Works

1. Set up your FREE CONSULTATION with our SLPs. We'll listen to your concerns and ensure Speech Direct is a good fit for you before proceeding.

2. Get matched with one of our experienced Speech Therapists, specializing in your area of need. 

3. Schedule an Evaluation- Meet your Speech Therapist virtually via our HIPAA Compliant, Secure Telehealth Platform and set up your Custom Treatment Plan.

4. Meet with your Speech Therapist via our HIPPA Compliant, Secure Online Telehealth platform for weekly speech therapy sessions.

5. Experience Stress-Free Speech Therapy and Achieve your Potential!