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speech therapy
that works for you.

Wordwise Pediatric Speech Therapy

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Wordwise is are a boutique speech therapy practice specializing in pediatrics. We are dedicated to providing a tailored approach to each of our clients and their needs, and strongly believe in the power of a supportive home environment. Our goal is to not only help your children reach their communication goals, but to also provide you with the guidance and resources needed to support your child’s progress. We look forward to working with you and your family!


We welcome all ages and have specialized hybrid remote speech therapy services for pediatrics, babies, and school age children.

Enjoy the Journey!                                                  

xoxo, Jamie 


how wordwise speech therapy works

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Book Your Free Discovery Call

15 minutes.

chat with a speech therapist, who will answer questions, and schedule an evaluation if you're ready.

Click Here to Book!


Initial Evaluation

45 minutes.

your speech therapist will assess and evaluate. we will then use the results to guide a customized therapy plan and make recommendations. 


Weekly Therapy Sessions 

30 minutes.

meet weekly with your speech therapist via zoom, or in person (as available). parents are welcome to attend!


Make Progress & Graduate

3+ months (timeline varies)

over the course of treatment, you can expect top-notch therapeutic intervention. 

get the most
out of your
speech therapy

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late talkers

you don't have to "wait and see" like the doctor says. the earlier you get your child communicating, the better. 

speech sound errors

speech sound correction for all ages. speech sound errors, speech impediments, and phonological disorders do not resolve on their own. 


lisps are the most common speech sound error people seek speech therapy for. we can help eliminate your child's lisp.

reading readiness

reading and literacy are the cornerstone for all academic success. we can get your child to be a proficient reader.

language disorders

language skills are crucial for your child's social, academic, and emotional development. we can help your child understand and use language.

apraxia of speech

we specialize in the DTTC method for treatment of childhood apraxia of speech. we can help parents decode the mystery of CAS.

parent training

want to provide a language rich environment for your baby? we can train you to be your baby's personal speech helper, right at home!

school age & homeschool

academic support for all students. reading/literacy, vocabulary, common core,  IEP goals, second opinions, and more.

the reason why families choose 


because we put the fun

in functional speech therapy!

if our experience over 8 years of providing therapy has taught us anything, it's this:

humans learn better when we're having fun.


whether you're a school administrator or the parent of a struggling child- we can all agree: an enjoyable learning experience is far superior.


no boring, cookie-cutter therapy here! we combine

years of expertise with a customized therapy plan,

to make sure you enjoy the journey. 

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